Last News

  • New Track “Airstreamer”

    Tody has released the first track from his new album.

    March 10, 2015
  • New Album in 2015

    New Album out soon

    March 8, 2015
  • Tody Castillo now on soundcloud.com

    Tody Castillo now on soundcloud.com    

    March 1, 2015
  • Video from Windhorse

    Tody strolling down Austin's greenbelt and singing "Shape of My Heart"

    August 10, 2009

Tour dates

  • 28
    Strange Brew
    5326 Manchaca Rd Austin, TX 78745
    10PM - 11PM


  • MI0001463954

    Tody Castillo

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  • Final4Panel


    Tody Castillo's album Windhorse was born out of personal tragedy, yet teeming with hope.

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  • tody-new-album


    Track listing:
    02-What It Means To Be a Man
    03-Old Rodriguez
    04-Highway 59
    06-10 People
    07-March For Miles
    08-Nightfall Seattle
    09-Waiving Through the Window
    10-Do You Ever Get the Feeling

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Tody Castillo has been a performing songwriter for almost two decades. The material from two previous albums, his solid eponymous 2005 release and the superb Windhorse from 2008, covered traditional songwriter’s ground – love, loss, and struggle. With a storyteller’s nuance and a designer’s eye for detail, each song revealed depths of feeling and meaning.

With this year’s new album (Title TBD), Tody Castillo has sharpened his best weapon. Adding a decade of married fatherhood to his growing list of accomplishments, there’s undeniable weight to his vocals, new grit that before was only hinted at. The observations within Nightfall Seattle and Old Rodriguez – two of the new album’s best cuts – have Castillo opening in a whispering tone that quickly changes as his voice rises, higher and stronger on the chorus, only to return grounded and confessional. Castillo is blessed with pipes that make the conversational sound anthemic, and this new album is awash with this wonderful counterbalance.




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